Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost Vacations...

Who usually follows the Chocorango, may realize the was outdated for almost a week.  The reason? A very small vacation and a huge flu.

Then vacations (with no net) was great, but backing to home the flu has caught me. And when it leaving me, the shameless flu capture the official trier of Chocorango! 

But talking about good stuff in this year beginning I decided to share with all of you some pics of the wonderful place I always can be to run away from city rush and breath clean air.

(Clic in the photos to enlarge)

Great company, so much abundance, fruits, flowers, animals... What fun!

Pineapple and grapes

Blackberry in old iron cauldron 

Old scale and blackberry

Urucum flower

Acerola (a cherry specie) 

Primavera flower




rubber tree grove
rubber being extracted and cicada empty exoeskeleton


Striped owl and young dove

The place is Paraná, South of Brazil.

Thank you so much Hozana and David for the hospitality and for the precious help with the pics!

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  1. Beautiful place and nice clicks. Hope you are feeling better now. Take care.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! I wish I had some of those blackberries!

  3. thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

  4. Прекрасни и много естествени снимки.Пренесоха ме в среда където има повече рирода

  5. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! What an amazing vacation. I hope you are all recovered and healthy now.


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