About Me

Hello, my name is Talita and I'm the moderator. 

The blog was created after a sugestion from my husband (who is always helping me, with ideas, criticism and of course being the oficial taster of all the the dishes). 

My first real experience in the kitchen was when I was 7 years old (although I fried eggs before this age). One day I had a craving for chocolate cake, I asked my mom if I could do it myself. She answered yes, but didn't even want to see (probably the mess) and I would be in charge of the dishes. 

So, she turned the oven on and left me with the pans in the kitchen. I separed all the ingredients, steped on a chair so i could reach the table and made the cake all by myself, following the recipe on my mom's little notebook. And amazingly I got a cake! 

Sure it was skinny (the pan was big and I didn't put enough baking powder) but very soft and delicious. I carefully covered the cake with chocolate sauce and sprinkled coconut. And with a lot of  love I served the cake to my family, the cake I made myslef! 

And is with the same love and dedication I try to write on Chocorango. I try improving every day so everybody can read contents of quality and make delicious recipes, that really works. 

The reader's participation are always welcome. Ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism and compliments are motivations to continue my work. 

I hope all of you continue visiting Chocorango and our partnership lasts for many years!

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions, complaints, suggestions, at alochocorango@gmail.com.

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