Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Versão em Português

Chocorango was created to share my experiences in the kitchen. 

Here you find easy recipes, with accessible ingredients and the most important, they are all tested and approved. 

The recipes that don't have credits were created by me. All the pictures with no credits were also taken by me. 

If you want to show our pictures and contents in your website, blog or any other place, I just ask you to put where you got the content/picture from and if possible a returning link to Chocorango. 

Feel free to comment, suggest, complaint and ask. Your opinion is very important! The comments in old posts will not be answered, so, if you have any questions about that recipe, contact me through the contact form located at the top of the page or email me at All do my best to answer as soon as I can. 

Welcome and enjoy everything we have to offer signing up to our feed in the box on the right collum just under Blog's archieve. With it you will receive all the updates through email and be up to date with all the tips and recipes!


  1. You have a beautiful blog... I just signed up to follow you! Thanks for visiting my blog... hope you'll come back soon :)

  2. very cute blog:) thanks fot stopping by:))


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