Saturday, March 21, 2009


There's no doubt, the garlic makes
food more tasteful. Rice, spice,
in the lunch or even in brunch!
Garlic is like a dream, there's
even ice cream! And there's
nothing better than to have an
appropriate tool to smash the
garlic. Our dear garlic press!
You'll don't have your hands
smelling garlic and it's very
practical to wash. One gift to
the cook.


  1. I love garlic too! I use it in most of my cooking..

  2. I love my garlic press, I use it almost every day!

  3. The garlic press is my best friend in the kitchen, well one of them. Saves lots of time, and so convenient!

  4. Hi, Talita!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you like it. The ingredients I've used for the chicken recipe are as following: deboned chicken, soya sauce, garlic, young onion, sesame oil and chili for the chicken pasta... and spicy chicken, green salad and mango for the chicken salad. Hope that's a little bit useful!

  5. Garlic presses are one of the best gadgets ever!

  6. I love my garlic press. It so much faster and easier than mincing garlic with a knife.

  7. I had a garlic press, rarely used it and finally gave it away. I just smear the garlic cloves with the side of my knive blade. Sounds dangerous now that I think of it. I'll have to reconsider the garlic press!

    I use a lot of garlic too. Hmm...may have to make my roasted garlic soup again.....

  8. Nice:) I also have and really like it:)

  9. Sounds like I really need to get a garlic press!

  10. I use garlic in almost everything LOL! I found a great way to peel it. Place it on cutting board, lay a large knife flat (sideways) on top of the garlic and pound it with the heel of your hand once or twice. The skin comes right off then you can put it in your press or mince it, chop it, etc

  11. I don't have one! I need a garlic press very badly.

  12. My motto is you can never have too much garlic! I love my press, I just am not all that fond of cleaning it!

  13. I have 3 garlic presses and used to use them all the time, but now I just microplane the garlic or smash it with a knife. So much easier and faster, and no messy press to clean. If anyone wants to buy my garlic presses, just let me know.


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