Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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There's nothing more practical than store the food for a long period, with no damages on flavor and texture. But there's some food that can't be freeze, and for this reason, the Chocorango bring this new tip's session to help all readers to know what to place in freezer. Never forget to label the food with the made date, validity and the ingredients.


Sure! Even the baked and unbaked. You can mold how you want, let to freeze uncovered and then is just to put in a vacuum package. If you prefer you can roll into a big roll and in baking moment it's just cut in tiny slices.
The oven can be very hot, isn't necessary preheat it. Place the froze cookies in a cookie sheet and bake in 550˚F. After 10 minutes, they'll be big and unfroze, adjust the oven to 480˚F and bake for 5 minutes, adjust to 390˚F and finish the baking. Always pay attention to your oven, it could be faster or slower than others, try to bake a little cookies before.
You can do the same with scones, biscuits, biscotti. They come bigger and fatter than those were baked just after prepared. They're yummy and could be make previously to tea time.

Durability: 3 to 4 months.


  1. I definitely need to start doing this!

  2. This would be great for entertaining--make a whole bunch of cookies before hand and let your guests think that you made it all the night before ;)

  3. I am very bad at freezing, and when I do freeze, I am very bad at using them.

  4. Thanks for the info...very useful.

  5. thanks for this useful tips, I freeze cookies all the time!

  6. I enjoyed your tips. I love to freeze my cookies, they do stay fresh!


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