Thursday, August 27, 2009


Bakerella is a successful blog. Angie Dudley is a person full of ideas and has good taste ! She already participated in the Martha Stewart's show with her Cupcakes pops and bites. Already visited the Pioneer Woman ranch and met Paula Deen.
With so many gorgeous pics, it was a very hard work to choose just two photos. But we must show you the fries and burguer of cookies and cupcakes and the fabulous suggestion of gift that is the cookies in a jar.

Fast Food Fun - photo by Angie Dudley

There are posts in Bakerella which exceed 3 thousand comments, tough the most common is 300 comments (for now). Even with all this prosperity, Angie saved a minute to authorize her apparition here in Chocorango. Thank you, dear.
So, if you don't know Bakerella yet, don't leave it for tomorrow, drop by there right now and have fun. Maybe, you get thrilled to make the Cupcakes pops and bites, anyway, people of all corners of world already made the treats.

Blog: English.

Mix Things Up - photo by Angie Dudley


  1. Thanks for the info. I'll be checking her soon.

  2. I have heard some amazing things about her blog too! Need to check it out more thoroughly now :) The burgers and fries are awesome!!!

  3. Absolutely. She is one talented woman!

  4. I love Bakerella's website. She has some seriously awesome food.

  5. Bakerella is awesome.

    But so are you, in my opinion.


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