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We have to admit: this candy recipe almost didn't make it. The actual recipe would be posted no matter what, but the pictures, it was super hard to get! With every flash a piece of it vanished "mysteriously"! We want to thank Nelson, the first man to participate in the "Reader's Recipe", for giving us this special recipe. The candy is sweet, but not enough to make you make you sick and it has a delicious texture. This is an old family recipe, where the measurements were glasses and plates. We tried converting the quantities in a clear way so even the inexperienced give it a try.

17.5 oz peanuts
3 tbsp yellow corn flakes (not the cereal, you can find it in the ethnic aisle at the grocery store)
1 cup milk
1 tbsp margarine
1 plate sugar (7oz.)

1. Toast the peanuts, using a food processor or a blender, grate the skinless peanuts.

2. Sift the corn flakes nto undo the flakes, add the grated peanuts and reserve.

3. Grease a rectangular baking pan, with margarine or butter. In a saucepan under low heat, add milk, margarine and sugar stirring every once in a while till is thickened. Once the mixture is thick, turn off the heat and immediately add the peanuts and corn flakes.

4. With a wooden spoon stir vigorously for 7-10 minutes. Pour the mixture in the greased baking pan and even level with the back of the spoon. Let it cool, cut it into squares, and keep it in a closed container at room temperature.

Cook's Tip: Try the candy smooth and moist (once is cooled).It lasts up to 4 months.

Makes: 20-25 squares.

Receita de Nelson


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  2. Little squares of heaven.
    Wishing you a great weekend ♥

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