Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes you can! If is made only with vegetables and noodles, slightly cook them so they're almost "al dente", because after thawed they will be cooked again. For creammy soups, just follow the recipe.

To freeze, cool soup as fast as possible, placing the container the soup is in, over cold water. Freeze in a plastic container leaving about 1 inche of space on top so the liquid has enough space to expand.

To thaw, refrigerate overnight and heat before serving. Or you can place the soup still frozen in a pan under low heat, add a little water and stir until totally efrosted.

Durability: up to 3 months.

Tips: Potatoes lose their texture is frozen after cooked. So you can always cook them on the side and add them to the soup when heating.


  1. I love freezing soup! Then when I don't feel like cooking or need something warm, I've got plenty of choices on hand :)


  2. I haven't done yet i need to try it.

  3. Thats a nice & using tip, have never tried doing it so far but sounds good..& thanks for dropping by priscilla...

  4. Hi Priscilla,

    Lovely lovely..havent tried it...


  5. Sues, Thank you very much for the visit and comment, I agree with you, is just so easy to just take the soup out of the freezer and heat it up :)


    Swathi, Sushma and Dr. Sameea thank you very much for the visit and comment, I hope you guys try freezing soup next time you cook it, is very easy and delicious!

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