Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today we don't have any video, but we have the premier of "Suggested Post"!
We always so many cool things from other blogs and of course we had to share our new discoveries with you, readers.
We really wanted to show you the post that totally revolutionized our view on yogurt!
Everybody knows that plain yogurt is healthy and so tasty when combined with fruits, cereal, eating straight out of the container...
The problem is, everytime we buy one cup of yogurt, we think of a thousand ways of using it and end up eating it all at breakfast! And the many delicious recipes we thought of making? Are always promised to be done next time.
Now, we want to change you life too! So you have the freedom to make breads, cakes, flans, eat at breakfast, snack, even eat yogurt at lunch if you feel like it! This method is very practical and cheap, we absolutely recommend!
It was in one of Vitor from Prato Fundo, that we discovered this technic. And we didn't tested only once, twice or three times, no. We are sure it was more than 5 times! After that we lost count.

Photo by Vitor Hugo

In his post, Vitor explains his experiences and gives us the recipe, so is worth to click here
and read the full post.
The method was such a success, that our yogurt was a lot thicker than the one from the picture, being a little difficult to get it out of the thermos. We made with only one tablespoon full of yogurt to 33.8oz (1 liter) of whole milk and we got great results.
But is best to follow his sugestion: Two level tablespoons for every 33.8 (1 liter) of whole milk.
Thank you Vitor for this precious tip!

Complete post: How to make yogurt in thermos.

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  1. Making yogurt has been on my to do list forever. I must try this. Thank you so much for this post. You have reinspired me. HUGS!!


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