Friday, November 26, 2010

ALIGOT- Video Recipe

Today's post is really special. We're gonna talk about the delicious Aligot.
If you don't know, aligot is a mashed potato made with a little more care than we usually make, and it's made with a lot of cheese.
Is there a better mixture than mashed potato that is creamy combined with the elasticity and taste of cheese. The original recipe comes from France and use others cheeses, but we made a brazilian version for our aligot. 

1 kg red potato, you can use the asterix variety
3 tbsp salted butter
200ml heavy cream
50ml milk
500g slightly maturated Minas cheese, grated (or Tome Fraiche or Laguiole)
500g Gruyère cheese, grated


1. Sanitize the potatoes and let to boil in savory water, about 1 tbsp salt. When the potatoes skin is split, immediately peel all the potatoes and sift even so hot. Sift again the already sifted potatoes.

2. Place the twice sifted potatoes in a pan, then add butter, cream and milk. Do not stir and let to low heat. Heat for the first minutes and do not mix. When the milk and cream are warm, start to mix firmly, vigorously. Always stirring, make a thick and creamy mashed potato. Do not overcook.

3. Place the pan over a bowl with ice water (do not leave the water contact the mashed potato) to cool immediately. Let to refrigerate WITH NO LID or cover, so the evaporated water will not drop and sour. Chill at least 2 hours.

4. Then the mixture is cooled, heat again over low heat (if necessary, add a little more cream), adding small portions of cheese and mixing well to melt it before add the next portions.Repete the process until the cheese is ended and make a very creamy and elastic mixture, do not so much time on heat. Serve immediately alone or with a tasty grilled steak.

Serve: 4 portions.

Now, the video. I hope you can understand my accent (Talita) 'cause I didn't add the subtitles.

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