Monday, February 22, 2010


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Have you heard of Pé-de-moleque (urchin foot)? It's a candy very popular in Brazil. There's the hard and soft version of it. Although is not certain its origin, is said that it was created when ladies from the XVIII century made peanut candy melting sugar or
rapadura (a form of sugarcane juice) and adding the peanut. But in a farm, when a woman made the candy and would let it cool by the window it would always disappear. So one day she waited hiding herself to see who was stealing her peanut candy. Not too long after the candy was put at the window, here comes a moleque (urchin) and steals the candy.The lady jumps out from the hiding place and screams from the top of her lungs:
URCHIN!! You're the one stealing my candy from the window. Next time you PEDE MOLEQUE (ask for it, urchin)! You PEDE MOLEQUE (ask for it, urchin)!

So you see, the candy doesn't have anything to do with the urchin foot.

Photo of urchin.


  1. Glad you're back! Missed your posts. I didn't know anything about this candy even though I was in Brazil last year!

  2. Heh, great story. The candy looks awesome, too.

  3. He he he....what a story and the candy does sound real goood....
    since ur on google thought i'll ask ya-what would ya do if ur recent posts were not updating on blog lists and feed burner ?

  4. I haven't had pe de moleque for a while...I used to eat all the time when living in Brasil...yours look delicious, brought me many memories of my childhood :-)

  5. hahaha funny story! the candy looks great and tastes even better!

  6. I apologize for being late in commenting.

    This candy kind of reminds me of our peanut brittle. I love the story that goes along with this. I can see why that little urchin would want to steal this, grins.


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