Monday, April 12, 2010


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When a brazilian hear the word "feira" (a kind of fair) becomes drooling. After all, there's no feira without just one small pastel stand, mostly in south central of country.
And it isn't just coincidence to find so many japanese in the metier, since it was they who brought the delicious dish for here.
It all began in Second World War when the japanese immigrants fearing to suffer discrimination, pretended to be chinese, serving the chinese spring roll.
But with the unavailability of all necessary ingredients the recipe was changing just to arrive at the actual recipe, the yummy pastel de feira.
And you can find it in the most various flavors; beef, cheese, catupiry chicken, cod and also has the sweet pastéis; chocolate, Romeo and Juliet, dulce de leche.

Photo of pasteleiros.
Photo of pastel.


  1. Delicious! I love knowing a bit of the history too.

  2. Talita...I love pastel and miss it very much...and you are right, we did a special trip when in Sao Paulo just to have some fresh pastel at the need to mention that my husband was kind of puzzled :-)


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